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TPCA Trustees 2019

In the spirit of supporting TPCAs continued growth earlier this year we invited new applicants to replace trustees coming to the end of their appointed constitutional term.

Persons were sought who would be willing to engage in TPCA initiatives, learn how to take part in helping organise TPCA events and take part in the running of TPCA.

Nominations were received and at the TPCA AGM on the 17th August 2019 a formal election of Trustees took place and we’d like to announce the results as follows:

Janet  Tolan was voted in as trustee (previously a co-opted trustee) and continues to lead on liaison with professional organisations

Suzy  Henry and Teri Tivey were voted in as Co-chairs

Rhianna  Broadway was voted in as Secretary

Michelle  Harwood was voted in as Treasurer

Sara  Callen remains Co-editor of PCQ, stepping down from Secretary but remaining a Trustee

Seb  Heid remains a trustee and Co-editor of PCQ

Shirl  Hicks was voted trustee (previously a co-opted trustee) and continues her role as local Groups’ Liaison

Thank you gifts were presented to Marc Gibson and Bernard Mooney for their service as trustees. Additional thanks are given to Janet and Sara for their continued work within the Trustee group over the years. Annie Thompson was also thanked for her service as Chair in previous years of BAPCA. A warm welcome is extended on behalf of the TPCA to new members of the Trustee Group.”   

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