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tPCA PCQ magazine, Spring 2021 – Invitation for submissions

by Sebastian Heid
Published on 11 February 2021

Picture1While it feels like deep mid winter, with snow decorating the landscape, the bulbs are pressing through the cold damp earth, and tPCA PCQ Editors Seb and Sara are looking towards Spring, and to plenty of ‘blooming’ contributions for the next issue of PCQ.

Articles, papers, projects, reports, poems, paintings, drawings, doodles and other creative expressions.. all are welcome! On any aspect of the PCA. Share your thoughts, theories and feelings – PCA in the ‘new’ world; PCA and diversity; PCA is political; PCA and the planet; PCA and communities; PCA beyond therapy and counselling, PCA, where next? And more we haven’t thought of!

We welcome submissions from diverse perspectives. Everyone’s experience is unique, and everyone has something they can contribute.
Don’t delay! Send today – or tomorrow….
Seb and Sara
Deadline for submissions, end February 2021.
Please send your offerings to pcqeditor@the-pca.org.uk or directly to saracallen@hotmail.com or seb.heid@gmail.com

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