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Recruiting Volunteers for Working Group

Recruiting Volunteers for Working Groups

The PR (Public Relations) Working Group and the Inclusion Working Group are seeking extra volunteers. The PR Working Group would like to recruit five extra volunteers to support the strategy of raising the profile of The Person-Centred Association and the Person-Centred Approach. We are looking for individuals who really want to see the person-centred approach better understood by the media and the public. The group’s aim is promote that there is an alternative to other modalities. You do not need to have experience of PR to be part of this group; just an enthusiasm and willingness to spread the word.

The Inclusion Working Group is recruiting eight extra volunteers to support the work it will conduct around inclusion. The group’s work will focus on the language used to describe other, social constructs, labels, attitudes, and how we learn to hear how individuals wish to understand and describe themselves ie their phenomenological experience. The work will be thought provoking and it will be challenging.

For more detailed updates about the Working Groups do keep an eye on our Working Group page 

If your interest is piqued by the above please contact Terri Tivey ( for more information.


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