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PCQ Autumn 2020 – Invitation for submissions

TPCA PCQ Editors Seb and Sara are looking for contributions to the Autumn issue of PCQ, which they plan to publish in November 2020.

Articles, papers, projects, reports, poems, paintings, drawings, doodles and other creative expressions.. all are welcome! On any aspect of the PCA. Share your thoughts, theories and feelings – PCA in the ‘new’ world; PCA and diversity; PCA is political; PCA and the planet; PCA and communities; PCA, where next? And more we haven’t thought of!

We welcome submissions from diverse perspectives. Everyone’s experience is unique, and everyone has something they can contribute.

We can’t wait to read/see your contributions!

Seb and Sara

Deadline for submissions, 15th October 2020.

Please send your offerings to or directly to or      

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