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by Allan Turner
Published on 13 July 2021

tPCA is an organisational member of PCE Europe.  The following are highlights from the latest newsletter sent to tPCA from Leonore Langer, the Chair of PCE Europe. You may be interested in the opportunities to meet with other PCE practitioners by zoom from across Europe by participating in Round Table meetings, Encounter Groups, and (live, face to face) at the next PCE Symposium, which will be held in Bucharest in December. 


I have expanded on some of Leonore’s newsletter points by adding a little background. –


Allan Turner. Treasurer PCE Europe and tPCA delegate.

Dear members,

Another important and successful General Assembly has taken place for PCE Europe! The Board would like to thank all the delegates and guests for their precious input. PCE Europe is making great strides towards our goals, and we are looking forward to engaging many delegates and individual members in our projects to strengthen the collaboration all across Europe. 


PCE Europe has now modified its Statutes and Bylaws (Constitution and Standing Orders in British terms) to allow individual members to join for a modest annual fee. This is a radical change for us because for two decades we have a been an association of national Person Centred and Experiential, plus Training Institutes in 16 European countries. Our member organisations stetch, west - east, from the Portugal to the Russian Federation and north-south from Scotland to Cyrus. Our membership covers all three European time zones. The association almost collapsed three years ago and a ‘task force’ was suggested in Vienna to try to get it back on its feet. The task force reported a year later in Warsaw and its recommendations were approved by the General Assembly (an AGM in British terms).

We identified the need to register as a “not for profit” NGO and recommended Austria as our seat of registration. Austria had a light touch and could move quickly and were the cheapest – all of which were important to us. The management of PCE Europe has been problematical for some time. Only delegates could serve on the Board. The ‘task force’ members who offered to stand for election had to ask our member organisations make us delegates, we succeeded but it because clear that we need to be able to draw from a broader pool of experience and this has been one of the drivers to individual membership.

I find being a Board member very hard work, time consuming and above all, satisfying. All of my colleagues are “internationalists”. We try to serve the best interests of the Person-centred and experiential approach across Europe, never perusing national, or regional interests. 

We are confident that this radical change to include individual members will be accepted by the Austrian Registration authority. As soon as the Statutes are officially recognised more information will follow.

In the upcoming months, the following events will be hosted by PCE Europe: 


Our General Assembly is held every two years. The pandemic meant that we could not hold a "face-to-face" General Assembly last year to ratify our legal registration in Austria. We held a zoom meeting and had the highest attendance at a General Assembly we had ever had. There was plenty of lively discussion and we felt that it gave the Board and excellent opportunity to "take the pulse" of the Association. The board wanted to continue consulting members as much as possible and so the concept of a Roundtable meeting was born. It meet four times last year and it is a valuable way to keep in touch with members wishes.

This recurring event is open to all interested. Those who participate do not have to be delegates, we are very interested to hear the opinions of the "members of members". The next Zoom-meeting will take place on 24 August 2021 at 18:30 BST . (19:30 CEST). The main focus of the meeting will be working further on our Ethical Framework, as decided during our GA. You will find the current draft on our website, in members area, the NEW password is “Bucarest21”. We are hoping to see many of you and are looking forward to your valuable contribution!

Encounter Groups

This recurring event is open to all interested persons. See the attached information.

There are 2 dates available: 

  • 10 September 2021, 18:30-20:30 BST
  • 16 October 2021, 09:00 – 11:00 BST (this is an early start for us, but think of Moscow time, which is two hours ahead of us!)
  • Zoom-link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81789604459

All tPCA members are welcome

Ethical Committee

The Ethical Committee would like to start short virtual workshops on ethical questions for students all over Europe. We are looking for interested people to design and implement this project! The meetings will be in English – but you may have to speak slowly – a necessity that I am still working on!   

Although Zoom-meetings tend to be efficient, they cannot replace the personal contact. Hopefully, we will see many of you face to face during the Symposium in Bucharest, Romania in December 2021! For further information, please see our website: Symposiums | PCE Europe (pce-europe.org)

With kind regards,

Leonore (with a few bits added by Allan)

In the name of the Board

Leonore Langner

Chair PCE Europe



For more info see: http://www.pce-europe.org

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