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by John Yuen
Published on 28 October 2020

In a time of COVID-19, making connection seems more important than ever. Speaking for myself, as a person living in a town where I don't know many people, I don't have a wide network of local people to call on, so Zoom has become my lifeline. Literally, in terms of both my salaried job and my private practice, but also in terms of my sanity. My weekly saturday night 'Jay's pub quiz' (on youtube - can highly recommend as a stream through one zoom account with several of you taking part against each other) and my sunday afternoon crafting group full of deep intense conversation, as well as lots of calm silence and general hilarity have brought me through my weekend and kept me going through my week.

As far as work has gone, it's been a case of 'doing the work' really. I haven't had that sense of 'connection' since leaving the town where I started my local local group - for reasons of complexity, I did not manage to join the local group that is running where I have moved to and it has been something I missed. With that in mind, I offered to start an 'online local group' for tPCA and we have now run twice (and probably three times by the time you read this). We have talked about how we feel about moving to online work, the effects of covid on us and on our work, as well as more general and more specific topics relevant to each of us, whose confidentiality I won't break here.

We are an open group, and welcome all with an interest in the person-centered approach. The group meets on the first saturday of every month from 10.30-12.30. We are very flexible about people leaving, so if you can make the first hour but not the second, please also feel free to come along. Just click the link. Or better still, add us to your electronic diary as an event that repeats on the first saturday of the month and click that link:

If you have any queries, you're welcome to email me: but you're also very welcome to just come along.


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