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New Trustees Invite (Updated)

by Suzy Henry
Published on 03 May 2021

The AGM of the Person Centred Association is scheduled to take place on the 24th July via Zoom.  Will any member who wishes to stand as a Trustee please submit the names of a proposer and a seconder (who must be members of the Association). They should also submit a paragraph or two about themselves, what they would bring to the role of Trustee and preferably a photo - to secretary@the-pca.org.uk.  These will be published prior to the AGM to allow for proxy votes if members are unable to attend. The deadline for prior publication is currently 1st July.

Trustees will be willing to engage in tPCA initiatives. This requires that you: meet face to face twice a year, Covid permiting (out of pocket expenses are met by TPCA); have shorter Zoom meetings with other trustees once a month; learn how to take part in helping to organise TPCA events; take part in the running of TPCA.

Please also note that as a Trustee you will be entitled to claim CPD accreditation of 10 hours per quarter, and that you will almost certainly continue to experience personal growth and learning. Finally, please note that all members, new and old, are welcome to stand.

This year the Trustee Group proposes that specific roles are allocated after its election by the General Assembly; only then will roles be agreed by negotiation within the new Trustee Group.  There are nine trustee roles, including Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Web Manager, Membership Co-ordinator, PCQ Co-editor, CPD co-ordinator and Social Media Manager. In addition, there are regular tasks such as liaison with Local Groups and with the Partnership for Counselling and Psychotherapy. (For anyone who is willing to undertake one of the roles without becoming a Trustee, we would welcome anyone willing to take on the role without becoming a trustee), please contact secretary@the-pca.org.uk.

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