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New SIG - Working with people with learning disabilities

by Kathy Engler
Published on 24 August 2022

New SIG  - Working with people with learning disabilities

Ann-Marie Wilson writes:

Hello, I currently training as a person-centred counsellor and psychotherapist and for my MA dissertation will focus on attitudes towards working with people with learning disabilities (pwld)

Having worked in health and social care, supporting adults with learning disabilities, for over 25 years I am woefully aware of the lack of understanding of the mental health needs of this client group and of the limited services available.

Despite numerous government reports, including the July 2021 publication, and the on-going work of STOMP, highlighting the overuse of restraint and medication, pwld are still more likely to have mental health problems and distress either undiagnosed,  misunderstood or labelled as challenging behaviour.

I would like to meet with practitioners who either work with and/or have a desire to raise the profile of this client group both within the counselling profession and wider society in order to create more opportunities for pwld to access a variety of mental health services.

I am looking to set up a new SIG where I can meet with others who are passionate about an injustice in our society, with a hope it can lead to positive change for all involved.

If you are interested in being part of this new SIG please contact and I will forward your details to Ann-Marie. 

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