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Registering Person-Centred counselling training courses

by Mike Trier
Published on 12 January 2021

The Education and Training Working Group is in the process of developing a registration scheme for Person-Centred training courses. Initially we envisage this consisting of a database of courses which produce graduates who are trained to work as person-centred counsellors.

We are also in the early stages of developing a recognition scheme which would give tPCA’s “stamp of approval” to those courses which can demonstrate a person-centred curriculum and a person-centred approach to training. This will include teaching all presenting issues from a person-centred theoretical perspective and assessing practice against the six conditions. (This would not, of course, preclude teaching other approaches for comparison).

We want to hear from you! Are you involved in training? Would you be interested in a registration and/or recognition scheme? What would you consider to be a high quality person-centred curriculum and approach to training? Please email (et.group@the-pca.org.uk) if you would be interested in being consulted regarding such a scheme or would like to make any comments or suggestions. Please also email us if you would be interested in registering your course or becoming a recognised course when the option becomes available. At some point in the future, we want to offer support to help you develop your person-centred curriculum, but we don’t have the resources for this just yet.

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