Member Survey Update

by John Yuen
Published on 23 March 2021

Following our recent engagement survey from our members, we are pleased to share with you a summary of the responses we received to the question, "What does the tPCA mean to you?"

The areas members are most concerned about, in ascending order, are:

1. Continuing to campaign to raise the profile of Person-Centred Therapy (we will shortly be posting a report of our meeting with the SCoPEd technical group)
2. Person-Centred Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Conferences (we are currently planning a Conference and workshops for next Autumn)
3. Resources for students and practitioners: PCEP, papers, articles, research etc. (we have posted several articles and papers on the website and more are in train)

The Trustees will continue to focus attention on these areas, support from our members is always welcome. We are especially interested in members helping to make the Website an area rich in resources for practitioners, students, those with an interest and clients who wish to know more about the approach. This is a work in progress and an ongoing task.

The Association now has a Special Interest Group dedicated to wider applications of the person-centred approach beyond counselling and psychotherapy and a new SIG is forming to celebrate women's contribution to PCT. We are also seeking help to manage the CPD programme (please contact

Other new areas of interest to our members are:

- Promoting the relevance, identity and the future of the PCT
- Developing a means of endorsing courses which adhere to the Person-Centred Approach
- Paying further attention to the branches or 'tribes' of the Person-Centred Approach
- Engagement with other Person-Centred organisations globally

We would like to thank everyone who has provided us with feedback and new insights into areas that are of importance to our members.

While we are working hard with our volunteer groups on these priorities, these insights will also allow us to ensure we make the best use of our energy and efforts to develop new projects and resources that are most relevant to our members.

We will continue to keep you updated on current and new initiatives that we are working and in the meantime, if you feel you would like to contribute or get more involved in promoting the Person Centred Approach, please do contact us for more information on the different volunteer opportunities that we are currently recruiting for.


On behalf of the Trustee Group

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