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Education and Training Special Interest Group and Tutor Support Group: What's the Difference Between the Two Groups?

by Christine Bennett
Published on 18 September 2022

The Education and Training Special Interest Group will hold its next Zoom meeting on Thursday 20th October at 7.30pm.  This group invites tPCA member with an interest in person-centred counselling education to join. This includes trainers and others involved in the delivery of person centred training courses at any level and from any kind of educational establishment, students on counselling courses and anyone who has an interest in this area. The group aims to discuss and support individual projects and activities that promote and enhance person-centred counselling training. We have a loose agenda at each meeting but there is always room to introduce new ideas within the meeting or in advance of the meeting.  If you would like to join us please email Christine Bennett at You'll be sent Zoom invitations to each meeting so you can join us when you are able to do so. When you email please make it clear that it's the Education and Training SIG that you want to join.

One of The Education and Training SIG projects was the establishment of a Tutor Support Group. This group has no agenda but evolves at each meeting as group members bring their topics for discussion and requests for guidance. The group is open only to tPCA members who teach person-centred counselling at any level and in any type of educational establishment. Again, if you are interested in joining please email Christine Bennett at and state that it's the support group that you want to join. The next meeting of the support group is Monday 3rd October at 7.30pm.  

It's perfectly OK to join both groups and to be an occasional attender in each case!