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Let Us Know You Are Out There Person-Centred Supervisors!

by Christine Bennett
Published on 18 September 2022

The Education and Training special Interest Group have identified a difficulty that students on person-centred level 4 diploma courses and higher education courses are experiencing. There is a shortage of supervisors who are dedicated person-centred therapists in their own counselling practice listed on web based advertising data bases and data bases held by individual training establishments. Many supervisors list person-centred counselling alongside other counselling approaches, notably CBT in their work with clients and supervisees, and can slip into providing guidance about use of techniques from non person-centred approaches in supervision.

If you focus only on the person-centred approach in your counselling and supervision, please consider advertising your supervision practice in the therapist directory on the tPCA website and/or other websites and contacting colleges, universities and training organisations in your local area to be added to their list of supervisors or to put a notice on their noticeboards.