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Encounter days

Dear all,

In exciting news, we wanted to share with you a new venture we've started! As you might have guessed from the header, from 2017, BAPCA is going to be holding a series of encounter days. These will be marginally hosted by any local groups who wish to take part (I've approached most of the local groups and have heard back positively from some and waiting to hear from others). What this means is that those groups who say yes will hopefully tell me of organisations in the local area who might let us use their building for a day, and be on hand to point us in the direction of local shops/amenities etc. We're not asking anything onerous (we hope!) and a trustee (CG) member will be on hand to help out (unless otherwise organised in advance with the local group).

So: details.


We have not yet formalised costs, and due to the differing prices that each venue across the country is likely to charge, each encounter is possibly going to cost a differing amount. But we think that taking the Coventry event as a marker for example: For BAPCA members, the cost would be £20. For non-members it would be £40. You can pay in advance by calling Di our administrator on 01600 891508 m/w/f 9-3, or you can pay on the day. Paying in advance would help us to know how many people we can expect, but you can also email LJ to update them, whether or not you've paid. As a side note - as a student, if you attend three meetings per year, it would be cheaper to join as a member, and if you're a full paying member, this becomes cheaper on the fourth event. You can also join on the day for the membership discount.

We recognise that for some people, cost+travel would be prohibitive. As a result of this, there will be a small number of grants available per event, available to both members and non-members. They will be up to a maximum of £100, and will account for a maximum 90% of the travel cost, whichever is smaller.

So: if you are a non-member who would like to come, the cost is £40.

Your entry cost is £40. If your travel costs £60, your total cost would be £100. You would receive the grant towards the full price of the attendance (£40) and 90% of the £60 (£54). This would mean your grant would be £94 leaving you to pay £6.

If you wanted a grant as a non-member and your travel cost was £10, you would receive the £40 attendance and £9 towards your travel, making your grant £49 leaving you to pay £1.

If your entry cost is £40 and you wanted to come and your travel cost was £200, you would receive £40 for attendance and £60 for travel, giving you £100 in total leaving you to pay £140.

If you live locally or do not need to pay travel fees, you grant would mean you did not have to pay.

If the events work well, it may be that we can change this arrangement to allow for more grants per event. If you'd like to come and would like to be considered for a grant, please email LJ on the link below.



So far three local groups have replied with a yes:

  • Coventry
  • Solihull
  • Liverpool (Liverpool are not (maybe not YET) a BAPCA local group, but they have expressed an interest in being part of this)

Dates and times:

The only concrete date we have in the diary currently is 25th February from 10.30-4.30 in Coventry at the Friends meeting house. The building will be open from 10am. The venue is 0.7 miles from the rail station, and several (7!) buses run from the rail station to the bottom of the road the meeting house is on (and cost £1). There is limited parking at the venue, but on-street paid parking and a multi-storey car park near by.

We will provide a range of teas, coffee and cold drinks (and maybe a biscuit or two), and we ask that you bring your own lunch, either just for you, or as a bring and share. As a bring-and-share, please make sure it's clearly labelled.

If you have any questions please email LJ

Stand by for updates from Solihull and Liverpool, and from other local groups! 



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