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Dissociation evening success

by LJ
Published on 14 May 2022

Fiona Gregory of the non-pathologising group writes:

The Non-Pathologising Therapy Group ran its first CPD event on May 10th and it was a really interactive and interesting session. In small groups, we took a critical look at a clinical diagnostic tool for dissociative experiences, including what it was like to use the tool for ourselves. We then spent the remainder of the session in group discussion, exploring our lived experiences, and how these experiences might support us or impact us in our client work.

Here are some of the things participants said they valued about the session:

‘affirming’; ‘collaborative’; ‘supportive’; ‘a learning experience’; ‘a safe space’; ‘an accepting and loving space’; ‘a sharing of experiences’.

Look out for future member events here, both relating to dissociative experiences and other topics relating to working in a non-pathologising way.

These events can be counted towards annual CPD requirements and are free to t-PCA members!

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