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Therapists with disabilities meeting

by LJ
Published on 14 May 2022

LJ writes:


The disabilities special interest group that is a co-facilitation between PCT Scotland and tPCA had its first meeting last week. We had a lovely hour of talking about our experiences and beginning to look at what we would like the group to look like as we start to grow. We hope to meet regularly, to give ourselves some sense of community, and there may be other things we begin to do as we take on more members.

We've already had a fair amount of interest from people across the UK and if you're a member of either PCT Scotland or tPCA and are a therapist with a disability* of some kind you'd be more than welcome to join us.

*I know the word 'disability' can be difficult. Myself, I swing between using 'disability' and 'chronic condition' and other people don't use the word disability at all. However - however you define yourself, if you feel your physical or emotional experience marks you out as different in a way that you might use the word 'disability' if it were about someone else, even if not you, then you'd be welcome.

For info please email us on and we'd be really pleased to have you join us.

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