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Chair's Post-Conference Blog

by Suzy Henry
Published on 27 October 2021

Dear Members,

This years conference, “What, for you, is at the heart of the person-centred approach?”, was a huge success.  With contributions from Sheila Haugh who, during her interview, spoke about ‘the healing power of love’ and the phenomenon between client and therapist.  Dion Van Werde spoke about facilitating freedom, the therapists openness for ‘what is there’: “…if I keep from imposing on people they become themselves.”  Colin Lago and Divine Chaura spoke about inclusivity, trusting of others and ‘the sacred space’; the quality of presence in healing and the power of authenticity.  Margret Warner spoke autobiographically about her own personal reasons for her non-directive approach, because her own fragile process was so strong and “…can I just work with the person's experience?”  All contributors were so generous with their sharing on the day, creating a true sense of community and commitment to the values and attitudes we associate with the person-centred approach. 

Each of the interviews illustrated how the person-centred approach has developed and evolved since Rogers' and his colleagues first started bringing meaning to this innovotive approach.  This was one of the initial ideas when we started discussing asking our contributors to come together; the various ways the approach has broadened theoretically and philosophically and continues to expand by assimilating new ways of thinking about being with our clients and with our way of being in the world. 

Thank you to Janet Tolan and Seb Heid who hosted the day on behalf of the Trustee Group. Thanks to LJ for coordinating and responding to Social Media on the day and after the event. Thanks to John Wilson and Onlinevents whose facilitation made the day possible and run smoothly and PCCS who offered attendees a discount on the day (members of tPCA are offered an ongoing discount equivalent to 25% off their library). A huge thank you to everyone who attended, whose presence and contributions supported making it such a great day!

A recording of the interviews can be purchased <a here


Suzy Henry

Chair, the Person Centred Association (on behalf of the Trustees)

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