AGM 2020 Outcomes

by Rhianna Broadway
Published on 27 August 2020

Thanks to all that attended our AGM on 15th August 2020. Our best attended AGM for a few years and the first over Zoom. In total we had 28 attendees present (including the trustee group). 

Below are the main updates from this AGM including notification of resolutions passed. For specific vote totals please contact 


Resolution 1: Removal of section 27 of the tPCA Consitution PASSED 

Resolution 2: Rewrite subsection 5 of Section 9 of tPCA Constitution to remove references to a General Meeting, unless requested by the member in question. PASSED

Resolution 3: Introduce the option of electronic voting at a General Meeting. PASSED 

Resolution 4: Proposition of text for inclusion in tPCA's Strategic Plan from the Environment Working Group. PASSED 

Following the AGM the constitution will be updated with changes as indicated in Resolutions 1-3 and the Charity Commission will be formally notified. tPCAs Strategic Plan (still being drafted) will include the text proposed as part of Resolution 4. 


John Yuen - Elected

Jonno Ward - Elected

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently working to redevelop and redesign tPCA website. Minutes from past Annual General Meetings (that have been agreed) will be included as part of the relaunch as well as minutes from all Trustee Group meetings. In the meantime please contact the Trustee Group with any queries. We thank you all for your patience with this. 

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