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A Walk that Reconnects

by Morag Borszcz
Published on 24 January 2021

Deepen your connection to yourself and the planet

One recent wintry January morning, I took myself off on a guided walk offered by and inspired by the work of Joanna Macy.

Each walk follows the spiral of reconnection; from gratitude, through honouring our pain for the earth, then seeing with new eyes before going forth into the world again, with guided instruction for reflection and meditations.

I chose a city walk of 1-1.5 hours through my local park and along an old railway track, simply downloading the prompts to my phone to facilitate the walk.

I enjoyed the opportunity to slow down, connecting to the nature around me. I walk in Alexandra Park regularly, but on this grey morning I was particularly drawn to the green lichen on the avenue of lime trees and the noisy call of the green flocks of parakeets above me.

I was then invited to be with my grief for that which has been lost on the earth, through a simple sentence exercise. This supported and provided me with a contained opportunity to be with my feelings for the pain of the earth. I imagined that with a walking partner I might explore deeper emotions here - a possibility to consider for the next walk.

I was moved by the meditation that connected me through deep time to our ancestors. The sense of such deep connection across time has been grounding for me since I discovered it and again, it felt supportive, particularly amongst the daily chaos of the pandemic and the connect/disconnect of our current online world.

Finally I was invited to stand and breathe with the earth - connecting with the depth of the space this time in contrast to the previous connection to the breadth of time. I returned to my working day feeling a rich and nourishing connectedness inside of me; to my emotional world, my body and the earth around me.

Morag Borszcz

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