The Kendal Encounter Weekend plus additional Workshop

May 10, 2019 - May 13, 2019

To be confirmed | £99-£110 (plus £25 if attending additional workshop Monday 13th)

The Kendal Encounter Weekend

We would like to inform you of the Kendal Encounter Weekend.

It is, naturally, in Kendal town. It starts Friday 10th May 19:30 and runs Saturday 11th and up until 16:00 on Sunday 12th May 1919 or Monday 13th if offer of additional day taken up (for additional £25).

The Weekend is facilitated by Will and Ian and costs £99 early bird or £110.

La Jolla Program has just celebrated 50 years since it first began. Both Will and Carl Rogers were personally involved in the development and establishment of the Program. Carl believed that the intensive group experience could lead to deep and significant changes in persons, institutions, racial and international tensions and in the values and philosophies of mankind.

A member of a previous Kendal Weekend wrote:

Will Stillwell “brought exceptional qualities of quiet warmth, insightfulness, humour and honesty including his own self and vulnerability at times all with genuine interest in us, yet undomineering lightness of touch. I can well see why his qualities made him a valued colleague of Carl Rogers.”

And another wrote:

Ian Fallows “pursues the genuine in his relations with others: bringing his whole person to you, seeking your truth and caring.”

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

There is plenty of accommodation in the area if required.

It starts Friday 1930 till late, and then at 10 on the following two mornings and finishing at 4pm on Sunday.

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In addition: Time has also been made additonally available on the 13th to discuss Will Stillwell's Video Essay showing fairly unknown clips of Rogers working with people in a counselling display.

During a weekend or longer Encounter we don’t talk much about what we are doing with clients in our practices.  Will Stillwell describes the workshop day as having “a different kind of purpose,” to talk among colleagues about what we are doing. Here we can talk about what is happening – the process.  He suggests we be in more of a teaching mode, “not that I am teaching but that we are teaching one another.”

The purpose for you may be to find and strengthen your own approach to life, counselling, teaching and relationships. There is potential for a counselling session in front of other participants. There may be a chance for tuning our skills or a supervisory session.

Will's essay-video asks questions such as: - how like Carl Rogers are you?  Is your Person Centred Approach to life and work the same as Carl Rogers’ or has time and you changed and evolved it?  Is it important to do it his way? Are there special parts of Rogers’ way that are essential to you?  Is it about how he did it or about how you do it? 

There will be a Certificate of Attendance for this day to show any professional bodies as evidence of Personal and Professional Development.

The cost of the additonal workshop is £25 and takes place Monday 13th May 2019 10 am untill 4pm. Basic tea, coffee, biscuits and the cost of the room is included.

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