Study day: Why Love Matters

January 09, 2021 - January 09, 2021

zoom | £65

Why Love Matters – Saturday 9th January 2021

This day is based on the book by Sue Gerhardt: Why Love Matters. By understanding the neurology of early attachment and in particular the damage done to the brain by lack of nurturing or worse, of early trauma, we can help our clients to understand better some of the gaps they experience in their social lives. Recognizing difficulties which the client may always have blamed him/herself for as actual deficits in neurological connections can be liberating. It may even prevent some of the self-abuse that follows such difficulties in adult attachments. At the same time this book acknowledges the research which shows that relationship-based therapies can actually develop neuronal connections where they previously did not exist. For those of us who feel that love maters in therapy relationships, this is the hard evidence for the real and persistent change we see occur in clients who may have needed longer term therapy to heal the harm done by early neglect and/or trauma.
10.00am-4.00pm 6 hours Cert CPD


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