Identifying and Avoiding Microaggressions

May 20, 2021 - May 20, 2021

Webinar | limited number of early bird tickets at £56 only

Microaggressions – indirect, subtle or unintentional discrimination can be present in all walks of life, at our workplaces, in our day-to-day interactions and in our clinical settings. These consist of verbal, behavioural actions or environmental affronts that convey hostile, derogatory, humiliating communication and insults to marginalised individuals and marginalised groups – even when these do not necessarily reflect malicious intent. Microagressions are more subtle and can appear less offensive than overt racism, sexism, homophobia or other types of offensive behaviour, yet research has shown that these can be equally harmful especially when compounded over time. They are often the result of unconscious biases which are predicated on pre-conceived ideas and assumptions about others – what they are like and how they should behave, which reinforce privilege and indirectly promote exclusion.

This webinar aims to increase awareness of the nature of microaggressions by identifying the range of microaggressions, discussing how these manifest and their potential impact. It will unpack how seemingly innocuous statements can be harmful as well as the ambiguity inherent in some microaggressions which can appear both complimentary and insulting. The focus is on recognising our own unconscious biases, how these can lead to microaggressions, how these might harm others and how to apologise appropriately. In becoming more aware of the nature and impact of microaggressions, participants will be better equipped to recognise when they are committing one or are on the receiving end of one and be more mindful of not othering by advocating a culture of inclusion.

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