understanding anxiety and panic attacks

February 08, 2019 - February 08, 2019

London | £70 inc lunch

Worry and anxiety can absorb vast amounts of energy every day, and can sometimes lead to panic attacks. These can be terrifying, bringing feelings of ‘out of control-ness’, powerlessness and sometimes even the feeling of going mad. Feelings of anxiety and panic can lead to isolation, as individuals either need to stay within the safety of a known environment, or hide the fact that anxiety and panic overwhelm them sometimes, for fear of being seen as somehow failing and/or weak. Why is it that some people are prone to these distressing states? Is drug therapy the only solution? This study day will explore the underlying causes of anxiety and panic. Simple and effective ways of empowering sufferers to take control of these distressing states will be taught and practiced, empowering PC therapists to incorporate an understanding of how to empower their clients.


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