Understanding and supporting Dyspraxia

March 08, 2019 - March 08, 2019

London | £70 inc lunch

Dyspraxia is a little understood cluster of diffiuclties which used to be called ‘clumsy child syndrome’. Many of our adult clients have never received a diagnosis, yet live with the feeling that they are somehow defective. Adolescents with dyspraxia are known to be at increased risk of mental health issues, yet there remains a lack of research that explores their lived experiences. This study day, based on qualitative research focusing on the lived experiences of adolescents, will introduce you to dyspraxia, and the impact of dyspraxia on the lives of individuals affected and how we can best support and understand those with dyspraxia across the life span. Casey Edmonds is completing her PhD in Dyspraxia, having spent several years as a research assistant and latterly as a Research Fellow at the University of East London.


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