Spirituality in the Counselling Relationship - some places remaining

March 16, 2019 - March 16, 2019

London | £70 inc lunch

How comfortable are we in exploring the spiritual dimensions of what our clients bring to us?

Do we subtly block them from exploring their feelings and experiences of their faith?

Do we make assumptions about who they are and what they believe based upon their professed religion? Must we have a faith in order to work at spiritual depth with those who do or do not have a faith?

Do we miss entirely tentative expressions of the spiritual dimension?

These and other questions will be our material for the day. This study day will offer participants the space to reflect upon their own spiritual journey and how it informs their work with clients. It is for those whose spiritual lives are expressed through organized religion or faith groups as well as for those whose spirituality is anchored in their own inner essence and journey and how this connects them with others.


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