Working Creatively in one to one Therapy

October 26, 2013 - October 27, 2013

In The Moment Centre, Glasgow | £159

Working Creatively in one to one Therapy Whenever Jason said "beeber" for "beaver" or "skirl" for "squirrel" I secretly loved it. They're better words: The busy beeber beebing around; the grey squirrel's tail like a skirl of smoke along a maple branch. I never told him he was saying their names "wrong," though I did pronounce them conventionally. One time he noticed, and explained, "'Beeber is how I say it." "Great," I told him, "whatever moves you." But within a week he was pronouncing both "properly." I did my duty and I'm sorry. Farewell Beeber and Skirl. So much beauty lost to understanding. Learning to Talk by Jim Dodge Often it’s good not to talk, but to facilitate our clients own meaning making, using objects, actions and sounds. This workshop will explore these largely non verbal ways of working and will provide plenty of space for reflection and practitioner development. We will find ways of staying alongside our clients without getting in the way of their process. Workshop consists of 15 hours training Facilitated by Sandra Grieve and Lynette Green


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