The XIIIth International PCA Forum

May 24, 2015 - May 31, 2015

Izvorani-Snagov, Romania

Dear colleague,

What we are sharing with you today is the continuation of a story that started in 1982 In Mexico. And is retold and continued every two years by people from different countries and continents.

People who resonate with person centered approach and who are dedicated to keep the spirit and values of person centered approach alive.

This story will be continued in 2015 by the people of Romania who share this vision.

The local organizing committee is ready to host the XIIIth International PCA Forum in 2015, between the 24th and the 31st of May, in Romania, at Izvorani-Snagov.

We invite you to build together a multicultural space where open and genuine human encounter would bring our self exploration to deeper levels.

In the PCA spirit, everyone is welcome to share work-related creative thoughts, research, theoretical concerns, issues and difficulties and anything else that would strengthen and cultivate human feelings and understanding.


  • Georgeta Niculescu

  • Florentina Palada

Members of the organizing committee:

  • Mihaela Bona?iu

  • Floren?a Foca

  • Dana Crasan

  • Paul Diaconescu

  • Mihaela Teodorescu

  • Lauren?iu Dobrot?

  • Drago? Geam?n?

  • Nicoleta Stancu

  • Anca G?uc?

  • Adelina Sora

  • Claudia Marini??


  • Ciprian Marcu

  • Corina Buruian?

  • Corina Pînzaru

  • Irina Mih?il?

  • Luiza ?tefan

  • Maria Cristina Zafiu

  • Mirela ?andru

  • Maria Cristina Zafiu

  • Ozana Ni?ulescu

  • Raluca Cosmescu

International Advisory Comeettee:

  • Alberto Segrera (Mexico)

  • Virginia Moreira (Brazil)

  • Maureen O'Hara (USA)

  • Jerold Bozarth (USA)

  • Gerhard Stumm (Austria)

  • Ileana Botezat Antonescu (Romania)

  • Kazuo Yamashita (Japan)

  • Veniamin Kolpachnikov (Russia)

  • Willi Roes (EU)

  • Dan St?nescu (Romania)

  • Jean-Marc Randin (Switzerland)

  • Svetlana Kutukova (Russia)

  • Sheila Haugh (Great Britain)

  • Jean-Marc Priels (Belgium)

  • Oleg Kiseleff (Russia)

  • João Hipolito (Portugal)

  • Magda Draskoczy (Hungary)

  • Daniela Roes Siffelova (Czech Republic)

  • Sofia von Humboldt (Portugal)

  • Olga Bondarenko (Russia)

  • Salvador Moreno López (México)

  • Roelf J. Takens (Netherland)

  • Martin Lange (Argentina).

  • Lore Korbei (Austria).

To be updated soon!

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