The Theatre, Psychotherapy and the Body with Paulo Quattrini

November 08, 2014 - November 09, 2014

In The Moment Centre, Glasgow | £169

If you want to feel differently you need to do differently, and for this you need examination and experimentation: behaviour is like a language, you need to learn how to use it. Drama shows how it is possible to use the same behaviour in infinite different ways: one can, for example, say the same words with different tones of voice, and the impact on the speaker and the listener changes completely. Drama is real and is not real: even when you re-enact an event, it will never be the identical story to the original. But it won’t be something false either. It’s a fantasy, real in an imaginary way. Describing through words allows you to understand conceptually, but able to move within the field of behaviours. In an existential phenomenological psychotherapy, drama is particularly useful, where the continuum of discrimination is ‘I like it/I don’t like it’. Unlike telling a story, that explains cognitively, drama is doing, and works in an intuitive way: being shown something helps you understand it better. This workshop consists of 15 hours training.


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