The Other Side of Silence - A Psychiatrist's Memoirs of Depression

Stratford Manor Hotel

July 15, 2016 - July 15, 2016

Stratford Manor Hotel, Stratford on Avon | £85 to £95

Professor Linda Gask utilizes a pragmatic bio-psychosocial approach in understanding depression and in her psychiatric education underwent training in psychodynamic therapy. Uniquely, she had the opportunity to be the 'client' when she sought therapy for depression and anxiety herself - an experience that she has written about in her new book: The Other Side of Silence - A psychiatrists' memoir of depression. Dr Gask will help us in this workshop to focus our attention on how a client experiences the therapeutic process. Aimed at building a deeper comprehension of the multiple facets of depression, the workshop explores: The range of different subjective experiences that the term 'depression' embodies. Different models for understanding depression and how it is treated - including managing risk. Barriers encountered in accessing care and in particular, psychological interventions. Experiencing psychological therapy for depression - including insights from a therapist who has experienced different types of therapy during her own life. The importance of active ‘engagement’ in developing the therapeutic alliance and the key skills required Issues arising when working with health professionals presenting with emotional distress. The workshop will aim to examine and challenge assumptions about how and why people seek help, and what their expectations are of therapy.


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