The La Jolla Program UK 2016

April 23, 2016 - May 01, 2016

St Rita’s in Honiton, Exeter | Single room £640: Twin room £580. Day delegates £400 (includes meals, tea and coffee each day) A £75 deposit will secure a place.

The La Jolla Program UK is an opportunity to experience and learn from the small person-centred group encounter. The workshop facilitates self-discovery, personal growth and community development.

The days are long and full and will include time in large and small facilitated groups.

Participants will have the time and opportunity to explore personal and professional issues.

Hearing new and often challenging points of view enriches the learning.

The workshop is intentionally not overly structured, allowing the interests of the group to substantially guide and focus the interaction.

Past participants have found The La Jolla Program UK transformative in

* moving towards trust and away from needs to control
* clarifying hopes and dreams
* fostering psychological maturity
* developing and sustaining positive relations with others
* deepening congruence, unconditional positive regard and empathic understanding
* identifying and realigning personal and professional goals
* moving towards participation in community and away from alienation and isolation
* understanding group processes and dynamics
* recharging the whole system

Although the ideas of Carl Rogers have been around for many years, his insights still speak to us at a deep level.

To “grow as a person” is not easy, but we have hope that the Program enables that process.


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