Person-Centred Art Therapy Skills Certificate

October 25, 2014 - May 30, 2015

Dandelion Workshops, Brentwood, Essex | £750

A PART-TIME CERTIFICATE COURSE in PERSON-CENTRED ART THERAPY SKILLS 2014-2015 delivered over 7 weekends In Brentwood, Essex This course was originally devised and taught by Liesl Silverstone. She combined the person-centred counselling approach with art therapy. Essentially the approach i enables a client to discover the message of am image for her/himself. This gives rise to greater self-awareness and the potential for autonomy. By bringing the person-centred approach to images expressed in art form, integration, healing and growth can take place at every level of development. The course is experiential and students will focus on experiencing ways in which messages derived from the unconscious can be brought into awareness through imaging. Art training is not required. Course groups will not exceed 12 students. For more information on this exciting course please email or call ! Dandelion Workshops Ani de la Prida 07921 331069


Phone - mobile
07921 331069
Ani de la Prida
07921 331069

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18 western avenue
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