PCE 2016 - New York City

July 20, 2016 - July 24, 2016

Columbia University, New York City | Variable

Welcome! Please join us for the 12th World Association for Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling conference (known as the PCE 2016 conference). This conference has the potential to be a historical event in the United States. For the first time in over a decade, researchers, clinicians, students, and academics representing the major tribes of the Person Centered and Experiential Approaches will come together to explore the current state of our philosophy.

The PCE 2016 conference will feature keynote addresses, a variety of presentations, workshops, panel discussions, small groups, encounter groups, professional development, as well as social and tourism related activities. Additionally, there will be a pre-conference two-day workshop on Motivational Interviewing led by founder William Miller. And, there will be a post-conference La Jolla Program encounter group to begin on Sunday July 24th. Additionally, Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) will be available for all mental health professionals.

The theme for the 2016 PCE conference is: Integrity, Interdisciplinarity, and Innovation. Following the theme we hope you will recognize our attempts to plan this conference with innovation. Look around the site and you will see we are doing things differently, hoping to align our egalitarian beliefs with our conference practices. In particular we are working to facilitate a global network of barter, exchange, trade and giving to help make this conference more accessible for participants from all backgrounds. Please join us Facebook or Instagram for more information.

We hope you will submit a potential presentation, workshop, roundtable, or pecha kucha and share your thoughts and research on the theme, or any topic related to person-centered and experiential psychotherapy or counseling.

We have chosen the 1924 photo of Carl Rogers, his wife Helen, and their Model T Ford automobile traveling to New York City to attend Columbia University as a symbol for our conference. Rogers, full of hope and idealism, found in New York City a deeper understanding of his spiritual beliefs and a love for psychology, which would change his life forever.

Regarding tourism, we have exciting, unique, and personalized plans for exploring New York City. As opposed to offering “mainstream tourist” sightseeing, we would like to offer experiences related to a variety of local practices and traditions, such as food tours and shopping tours of local neighborhoods, musical concerts, architectural tours, and a Staten Island Ferry trip, to name a few. We ask conference participants to suggest “dream tours” to us. Please join our Facebook page for more information.

Additionally, we are working to provide Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for mental health professionals. At this time we can confirm that New York State approved Social Work CEUs will be available only at the Pre-Conference event. We will update this web site as more information become available. Please fell free to contact with any questions regarding mental health CEUs.

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PCE 2016 Planning Committee

Lilian Ostrovsky, Nick Helbich, Niraj Delhiwala, and Sarton Weinraub

nypcrc@gmail.com | nypcrc.org/pce2016



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