PCAN Encounter Group - Glastonbury

October 28, 2016 - October 30, 2016

Abbey House, Glastonbury

Abbey House, Glastonbury,

28-30th October 2016

 Application forms available from the PCAN website – www.pcan.info, PCAN Facebook page, or from Bernard Mooney – b.mooney1@ntlworld.com; tel. 020 8504 3675, or Sara Callen – saracallen@hotmail.com; tel. 020 8926 8437 

¨     Group numbers are not usually more than 25
¨     PCAN gatherings are organised on a not-for-profit basis
¨     Bursaries are available on application (max. 2 per weekend)
¨     Administrative costs and fees, bursaries and expenses are paid from any surplus
¨    More information and details of events and venues on the PCAN website: www.pcan.info

The Person-Centred Approach Network (PCAN) has been organising encounter groups for more than 40 years. PCAN is non-profit making, and exists to provide opportunities for people to experience temporary Person-Centred Encounter. The gatherings are not led or facilitated and have no formal structure, except for conditions required by the host venue e.g. meals. There is a commitment to creating the Core Conditions: where individuals are accepted and valued, where we each strive for empathy and authenticity. Since there is no person 'in charge', each member of the group is able to take personal responsibility and respect each other. It is an opportunity for self-exploration of, for example, your relationship with your own personal power. The gatherings can be challenging, exciting, energising, risky and deeply moving.

PCAN offers a rare opportunity to experience an unfacilitated temporary community. The organising group has some responsibility for ensuring that arrangements go smoothly, but they are not facilitators. We ask each person to be responsible for themselves. We also ask each member of the community to contribute as far as they are able towards the ‘duty of care’, to themselves and other participants

Reflecting on his experiences in both large and small community groups Carl Rogers wrote:

" I realised that of all the ventures in which I have ever been involved, this was the most thoroughly person-centred……..." 

“ In a group where control is shared by all… where every person is empowered, a new type of community becomes possible, an organic kind of flow… if we can find even one partial truth about the processes by which… people live together…. Without destroying one another… can live together with a caring concern for the full development for each person… can live together in the richness of diversity, instead of the sterility of conformity, then we may have found a truth with many, many implications”

On Personal Power, 1978


Cliff College, Calver, 7th-9th April
Holy Rood House, Thirsk, 23rd-25th June
Abbey House, Glastonbury, 27th-29th October

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