Jungian Analysis and Humanistic Psychotherapy: Critical connections - past, present and future


October 25, 2014 - October 25, 2014

Resource for London - 356 Holloway Road, London N7 5PA (formerly LVSRC - next to Waitrose) | (inclusive of lunch) CAP members and concessions: £65 Early bird: £70 - deadline 30 July 2014 Full price: £85

This unique and innovative conference is the first to openly celebrate the fact that Humanistic Psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis have many features in common. For example, the idea that all elements in a dream are part of the dreamer's personality or psyche is found in Fritz Perls and also in Jung. Maslow's hierarchy of needs and Jung's ideas about individuation have similarities. One could go on and on about it. As far as therapy work is concerned, common features include trust that the patient/client knows at depth what is needed from the therapy, a recognition that the therapist is in the process as a person, and that therapy needs to struggle to maintain a distance from the conformist and materialist values that are present in contemporary society. Both traditions have pioneered the exploration of a variety of collective approaches to psychology, ranging from the transpersonal and spiritual to the socio-political. Yet both traditions have had to revise and develop the seminal insights of their founders, and problems of mourning - for Jung, Rogers, Berne, Perls, Maslow, Reich and others - are freely acknowledged still to be there. Many practitioners have or have had had a foot in both camps and, in selecting the speakers, CAP has tried to include as many of these as possible. So there will be external dialogue between the traditions and internal dialogues within the speakers. And, of course, we hope that there will be similar dialogues taking place amongst the participants. We do not for one moment think that there are no differences - even sharp differences - of perspective between these two invaluable therapeutic heritages. The conference will be of interest to all working in or studying the fields of analysis, psychotherapy, counselling, psychology and education - not just to Jungians and Humanistic Psychotherapists. WITH HELENA HARGADEN, BIRGIT HEUER, DEIRDRE JOHNSON, DALE MATHERS, CHRIS ROBERTSON, JOHN ROWAN, STEVEN SMITH, BRIAN THORNE

Topics include: self-actualization and individuation compared; ‘the two Carl’s – Rogers and Jung; sexuality and gender from both perspectives; ideas about change and transformation in therapy across both traditions; social, political and cultural concerns; the place of Martin Buber in both traditions; the self/Self.

To book your place on this event you will need to print and complete the booking form which can be found on the conference flyer (please follow the link and scroll down: http://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/index.php?id=483)

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