Introduction to Focusing-Oriented Therapy

March 09, 2013 - March 09, 2013

LC&CTA Broadway House, 15-16 Deptford Broadway, London SE8 4PA | £65

Workshop Description This is a 1 day introduction to Focusing-Oriented therapy. Focusing is a gentle but powerful non-touch body awareness skill, that helps us, and our clients to heal those hurting feelings. Focusing was originally discovered when Kirtner and Cartwright, two colleagues of Carl Rogers, asked a question that most therapists, don’t like to ask, why do some clients recover in therapy, and others don’t? Kirtner and Cartwright discovered that successful clients could be spotted during the first two therapy sessions, and that these clients had a special way of working with their issues. They had higher experiencing levels, and knew what to do from the start. This research was then duplicated and confirmed by Dr Eugene Gendlin. He went on to develop ways of helping potentially unsuccessful therapy clients to learn the skills that the successful clients knew about already. This course introduces Focusing-Oriented therapy, which has been described as one of the tribes of the Person Centred Nation.


Phone - day
020 8320 2311
I am training this introductory course in partnership with LC&CTA , which is located in Depford London. London.
Bookings are made through the college, However If you want to find out more about the course then you can contact me, John Threadgold on 020 8330 7341.

To come on the course pleasedown load the application from the College, and return it as directed. For more enquiries please contact
Lewisham Counselling & Counselling Training Associates.

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