Don't Push The River

March 14, 2015 - March 15, 2015

In The Moment Centre, Glasgow | £169

‘It flows above us and beneath us but in the middle we dance in the moonlight, at the river’s edge.’ Alida Brill Understanding and trusting group process is an important function for the group facilitator or psychodramatist. Working with the here and now, we will explore ways in which we can harness the energy of the whole group and enable the drama to emerge. There’s something very exhilarating and magical about the healing power of the group when it is simply facilitated to be how it needs to be and do the work it came together to do. Drawing on both group and psychodrama theory we will weave together an understanding of what goes on in groups. This workshop is facilitated by Sandra Grieve and Lynette Green and consists of 15 hours training.


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