Cross Cultural Communication International Person-centered Workshop, Hungary

July 13, 2015 - July 19, 2015

Pécs, Hungary


13-19th of July, 2015 Pécs, Hungary



Where’s my place in the world?  Who am I? Who do I want to be?  How can I understand others, the older/younger generations, people who are different? How can I really understand and express myself?  Let’s find the answers together!


Discounted registration until the 31st of December

You can register until the end of this year with a 20% discount, so we strongly encourage you to do so. To register to the 2015 CCC workshop, you have to be an on-line user of the page (if you are not a user yet, register here) and then you have to register to the workshop here.

If you get stuck or need any help with the process, please feel free to contact us! We will help you.


Spread the news, please!

Our dream for 2015: to have more people from more countries. In 2013 foreigners were a minority. Let’s change this together! We thank you if you send the invitation letter for your friends, colleagues, international organizations – or whatever you find important. Show them the videos!

If you wish, we can send you posters and flyers in English. For further information, please contact us!



As before, we plan to publish a bi-lingual anthology in 2015 for the workshop. If you have any articles, writings (subjective or scientific) that you feel would fit into our anthology, please let us know. We intend to publish this anthology every second year for the CCC workshop providing an ongoing platform for the evolution of the movement.

Kind Regards

David Klein


+36 30 256 0960


Carl Rogers: An open letter to participants of European workshops

“Increasing numbers of people are finding that a satisfying and rewarding life does not depend on material possessions or having the latest gadget developed by industry. They are finding that a satisfying life growth out of a deep sense of self-worth, in sharing oneself in close relationships, out of living openly, not hiding behind a mask or a role. They wish to be members of a community. They want to participate in the decisions which affect their lives. They want to resolve problems through communication of feelings, as well as ideas. They recognize that most of today’s institutions prevent them from living this kind of a life. Our schools, our industries, our families, even our churches, often diminish self-worth, discourage self-revealing sharing, insist on roles, make life impersonal, materialistic, bureaucratic. So this growing group of persons, who object to the impersonality of our culture, are engaged in a quiet revolution. They are living in a new way and they are finding a person-centered approach a most congenial way of being. So they come together, as you come together, to build a support group, a sense of community, so that they can dare to live in these new ways. I believe that by so doing they constitute an important step toward the inevitable transformation of our society. Consequently, I believe that what you do here, and what you experience together, has significance not only for this group in this time and place, but has a larger meaning. I believe you constitute a part of a growing network of change, a network which believes in the person, is learning to create a climate in which persons can grow. It is thus part of a worldwide change in our way of living and being. As part of this global network of change, and as persons, I wish you well as you carry on.”


(Rogers, C.: An open letter to participants of European workshops, 1986)



Since 1984 this will be the sixth Cross Cultural Communication International Person-Centred Workshop in Hungary.




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