Creativity,Configurations and Clusters - Playing with Role Theory!

February 22, 2014 - February 23, 2014

In The Moment Centre, Glasgow | £159

Creativity, Configurations and Clusters - Playing with Role Theory! 'Roles do not emerge from the self, but the self may emerge from roles'. (Moreno, 1934, p76) Rooted in J.L. Moreno's Role Theory, one of the key aims of pychodrama is to support individuals to expand their 'role repetiore': developing the roles within us that can be spontaneously and creatively accessed in response to different situations and circumstances throughout life. In this training weekend we will playfully and creatively explore the roles we play, and the roles we would like to play; identify old ways of relating and behaving that are no longer useful to us; and experiment with trying out new roles. We will have the opportunity to experience Moreno's psychosomatic, psychodramatic and social roles; learn more about role reciprocity; and experience in action how our internal world – our 'role clusters' or 'configurations of self' - reflects our unique personal experience of the world around us and the roles contained within it, from society, culture, politics, history and the universe. All practical and experiential work will be supported with reference to Moreno's role theory and theory of child development, and in relation to and comparison with person-centred personality theory. In this workshop there will be space for individual or group pieces of work. Reflective time and processing. This workshops counts as 15 hours training Facilitated by Sandra Grieve and Emma Hagen


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