Authentic - How to be yourself and why it matters with Prof Stephen Joseph

Stratford Manor Hotel

October 07, 2016 - October 07, 2016

Stratford Manor Hotel | £85 to £95 (student concessions)

Date: Friday 7th October 2016 Presenter(s): Professor Stephen Joseph Book Places Authentic: How to be Yourself and Why it Matters The hunger for authenticity guides us throughout our lives. People strive for joined-up living, where on the one hand what they say and do reflects what they think and feel, and on the other what they think and feel reflects who they are. In the past few years there has been an explosion of research pointing to authenticity as the key to fulfilment, vitality and well-being. Stephen Joseph has pioneered developments in this new field, drawing on the solid science of positive psychology to develop what has become one of the gold-standard tests for assessing authenticity. His and others' findings reveal that when people are in relationships in which they feel accepted, understood and valued, they drop their defences. They naturally begin to examine themselves psychologically, accommodate new information and live more authentically. In this workshop he presents his fresh and inspiring perspective on the psychology of authenticity. Drawing on the wisdom of existential philosophers, the insights and research of psychologists, he shows


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