Study day for CPD:What happens to our clients in the event of our sudden death or illness?

October 30, 2020 - October 03, 2020

Zoom | £65

What happens to our clients in the event of our sudden death or illness?

A crucial, yet underexplored aspect of our work as practitioners, is how we consider our clients’ potential reactions to our unexpected death or illness. This study day will allow participants to explore their feelings, attitudes and beliefs about the impact on their clients, in the event of their own sudden illness or death. There will be space to plan for such eventualities, as well as to look at the practical implications for ensuring that the best interests of clients are attended to, should the practitioner be suddenly forced to stop their practice due to illness, or death. Given the pandemic, exploring this subject seems especially pertinent. I have, myself, recently updated my plans, and contracted with a new counselling Will executor. Join with others to explore this sensitive subject.



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