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bapca 2009 egm...


BAPCA 2009

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

University of Reading

Reading, UK

11 September 2009

BAPCA thanks everybodywho attended the EGM!


The meeting was well attended and it was stimulating and refreshing to see the positive response from members, demonstrated by:

- The Coordinating Group (CG) having nine members and a deputy treasurer.

- Several people put their names forward to offer practical assistance.

- Many people put their names forward as available for more direct consultation in times of difficulties.

The new CG members are:

Annie Thompson

Bernard Mooney

Linda Heavon

Margaret Hedley

Mark Harrison

Sara Callen

Sarah Baimbridge

Sheila Haugh

Steven Cox

BAPCA deputy treasurer is:

Richard Baughan

Any BAPCA member who feels they may also want to become more involved would be welcomed. Please do not hesitate to contact the CG for further info. All members of the CG can be emailed through

BAPCA would like to welcome the new volunteers and gives a special thanks to David Crossley, Mark Harrison, Bernard Mooney, Sara Callen and Sally Humphries for their precious support since the last AGM.


Further details and reports from the EGM

will be available in the next issue of PCQ.


bapca 2009 conference...

BAPCA 20th Anniversary Conference

Changes in Consciousness:
The PCA and a World in Transition

University of Reading
10 - 13 September 2009


Click on picture to download the brochure.

This year’s conference celebrated BAPCA’s 20thAnniversary. It took place against the backdrop of a global recession in which financial and environmental sands are shifting, where old systems no longer work and where experts appear at a loss for solutions.

At the same time we observe a tentative transition away from individualism towards more interdependent ways of thinking, relating and problem-solving. The conference invited delegates to consider this change in consciousness and to address the changes from a person-centred perspective.

BAPCA gives a big thanks for everyone who attended the conference and joined the effort to explore constructive ways to deal with the micro and macro challenges of our times. A deep thanks also to Carole Dale and BACP team for their precious support towards making the 20th Anniversary Conference such a big success.

See Conference Workshops


BAPCA 2009 AGM...


Thanks for everybody who attended BAPCA 2009 AGM on 28th March at LeedsMetropolitanUniversity.

The day was an opportunity to address BAPCA’s commitments and reconsider its present and future challenges.

For further info about some of the issues addressed, please check the links below.

Convenor’s Report

Treasure’s Report


2008 BAPCA Local Groups National Meeting...



Thanks for everyone who participated in our 2008 annual meeting in Hitchin, Herts, on 15th November 2008. We hope to see you again in 2010 in Derby! BAPCA 2008 Event - A Special Weekend......BAPCA 2008 EVENT – A SPECIAL WEEKEND… FrontLeaflet_2008EventClick on the picture above to see leafletThe BAPCA 2008 Event: A Special Weekend...took place on 28th and 29th of June at King's College, Waterloo Site, in London and celebrated the life and work of Barbara Brodley and Jerold Bozarth.BAPCA thanks everybody who attended the event and helped to make it a truly special weekend!